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Saturday, February 26, 2011

How does your garden grow? This is how mine grows...

I went out and cleaned up a lot of mess outside this morning.  For the past few days I have been taking my time to clean up the dead leaves from the pots I brought outside from the garage.  The good thing is, it looks like Houston will no longer have any more freezes (at least that's what THEY say).

I will begin to post photos of how my garden grows.  Already I am beginning to see growth from my plants -- it doesn't take long here in Houston.  It's almost like they are on steroids.

Here you can see how measly the foliage in the pots are. I had to cut them all way back. Most will survive, but some will not. I'm waiting to see...

Before cleanup
After cleanup (sort of -- still in progress)

Here are some plants already showing some growth (woo hoo!)

Willow Tree "growthing"
Baby Bromeliad
Passion Flower Vine

Dianthus emerging
Angel Trumpets ALIVE!


Stay tuned to see the progress!


T.K. Goforth is a musician and author of the well-received book "Chord Piano is Fun!" She also writes a music blog called "Chord Piano Chick's Mostly Musical Musings.
Chord Piano Is Fun


PJ@Outdoor Garden Decorations | Home Accents said...

Good Morning T.K.
looks like you had a pretty busy weekend. ;)
Isn't is fantastic to see the new growths coming out of the ground? That is what I love about the Spring the most - seeing the new growths, the tiny leaves on the trees and the first blooms on my flowers. By bringing in my flower pots into the garage during the coldest days, I was able to save all of my plants. My Double Impatients and Impatients but also my Begonias are blooming as nice as they could right now.
We almost lost one of our palm trees that I have planted in a big planter but while cutting it back yesterday, I noticed two new growths. Wooohooo!
I hope for you didn't lose none of your plants and in a few weeks you will see more growths coming, even on those plants you are thinking right now, they are dead.
Have a wonderful day, T.K.
Paula Jo

Chick of All Trades said...

Hi, Paula Jo! It's so nice to hear from you again...I apologize for not getting back to you last comment.

It IS exciting to see the new growth, and maybe the younger people will think we are boring, but we are at least taking the time to see God's beauty. I'm sure they would think it was funny how excited I get to go out into my garden every morning... My husband doesn't quite "get it", but he sure enjoys the beauty when it is all grown out!

I'm glad you didn't lose your palm! Yay! I had to cut a few of mine clear back, but I'm pretty sure they will come back...it will just take some time.

Great to hear from you again! God bless, and will keep in touch!

Chick of All Trades said...

Paula Jo, do you have a twitter account so that I can retweet your stuff and follow you there? My account is chickofalltrade. I'd also like to post some of your garden stuff there... I've been looking over your website -- very nice! I've been eyeing a few things...

PJ @Outdoor Garden Decorations | Home Decor Accents said...

Hello T.K.
I found some time and just had to swing by here to see what's new and how you are doing.
I appreciate very much you have checked out my store and I'm glad you like it.
You don't have to apologize to me because you had no time to reply on the other comment. T.K.
I sure have a Twitter account as well - it's PJK56 and I will be happy to follow your tweets as well.
The store is a result out of I got laid off from my job 2 years ago and we decided to start a small online business. In my age it is very hard to find a new job. Since my garden and decorating is my big passion, we decided for trying our luck in this niche. If you ever plan on ordering something from my store, please contact me in advance and I will send you a 10% OFF Gift Coupon that you can use at the checkout. You can contact me through the store's email form or through pjgard1356 at aol.com

I worked a bit more in my garden today, since it was such a beautiful day. I pruned back my Grape Myrtles and had to cut back my Purple Grass clear to the ground. It was looking more like straw than like grass. I already know, it will take quite a while for the Purple Grass to come back. I went through that before.
So much for today
God Bless
Paula Jo

Rose Dipped said...

Congrats for your new babies. We are still cold in ground here so maybe a couple of weeks I can also start my rose garden. I really love rose especially those different colors of roses. I like your willow tree since it will surely look perfect with roses. Thanks for the idea.

Chick of All Trades said...

Hi Rose Dipped and Paula Jo! I'm so glad you have stopped by my site! This is a fun time of year for me...a time to start anew and watch God do His work! I think that the roses would look very nice with the willows. Willow trees are my absolute favorite besides palms. I planted one outside of my kitchen window..I had ALWAYS wanted a willow tree outside my kitchen window.

Please come back and visit and let me know how both of you ladies' babies are doing!

God bless!


Debbie Lattuga said...

I just did my spring clean up as well. My orchids were stuck in the garage for most of the winter because we kept having frost. Rare for south western Florida.

Trimmed up the orchids, cut back the Crepe Myrtle and the Dinner Plate Hibiscus. Probably should hit them with a round of organic insecticide. Maybe next weekend.

Chick of All Trades said...

Hey, guys, just bought some new "color" for the garden...will have to do some weeding, but hopefully they will go in this week! Got a few in the front garden and I still have to trim back my crepe myrtles, too, Debbie! But, I'm seeing a lot of new growth and am thrilled!

T.K. Goforth is a musician and author of the well-received book "Chord Piano is Fun!" She also writes a music blog called "Chord Piano Chick's Mostly Musical Musings.
Chord Piano Is Fun